O’Rourke is Just Another Political Chameleon

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As it turns out, Robert Francis O’Rourke is just another politician who will vote one way, then turn around and promise just the opposite. It seems many of our political class are like this. They’ll say whatever they must – be whoever a particular crowd wants them to be. Like Barack Obama, it seems old Beto is just another empty canvas. His supporters and the media get to envision what they want him to look like, and that’s what he will become.

But at least a couple of former supporters aren’t buying it.

from the Daily Caller:

Two Former O’Rourke Staffers Are Feeling The Bern

Two former staffers for Robert Francis O’Rourke’s failed Senate campaign against Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) are now supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for president, citing O’Rourke’s insufficiently progressive record.

Autumn Lanning and Bryant Young, who worked as student staffers on O’Rourke’s Senate campaign, became disillusioned with the former congressman, the Texas Tribune reports.

“We were definitely very, very caught up and invested in it,” Lanning said. “It was after the election that we started being like like, ok [sic] his voting record actually is horrible.”

Despite working on his campaign, Lanning and Young admitted to not taking the time to look over O’Rourke’s past votes and policy views.

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