Obama Wins Debate!

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

It’s 6:00 pm, Tuesday, October 16,2012 and I have a prediction.

Barack Obama won the Town hall-style debate!

Yes, I know it’s still a few hours before the start. So how can I call it already, you ask?

Simple. The story has been written.  The mainstream media is so “in the tank” for Obama, that unless Mitt Romney overwhelms him once again he will be declared the winner.

That is, of course, their biggest fear; that Romney will completely outclass the president as he did in the first debate and the media will be unable to declare their beloved president the victor.

The media is lucky, in one regard; that the debate format is a Town hall with a small “needy” audience.

I understand that there are to be approximately 80 attendees. These attendees are supposed to be undecided or independent voters selected by the Gallup organization by means of polling.

I haven’t seen nor heard the selection process of the Gallup group, but if it’s anything like the other public polling organizations, save for Rasmussen, rest assured Romney will receive the short end of the stick, as it were.

The audience may not be packed with the leftists but you can bet there’ll be enough to tip the scales in Obama’s favor.

Candy Crowley of CNN, the fair and balanced news organization, will be the moderator for tonight’s debate. She is neither fair nor balanced. She wants Obama to win as much as the other leftists and will do everything in her power as moderator to make it so.

Crowley has already made it known that she will dispense with the agreed-upon rules about asking her own questions and will interject any time she sees fit. That seems perfectly reasonable.

In other words, if she doesn’t get the result she is looking for, Ms. Crowley will just press the point until she does.

As an aside, why in the heck does the Romney campaign put up with this nonsense? Why is it that there is never a single conservative moderator at these debates? I have asked this same question for years. Why do the Republicans put up with this crap? Why not simply have two moderators? For every Candy Crowley or PBS hack, there could be a Michelle Malkin or an Ann Coulter, etc.

The deck is stacked against Mitt Romney, in two ways. First, you have a liberal moderator who already said she’s throwing out the rules and will do whatever she pleases to facilitate Obama’s victory. Okay, she didn’t say the facilitate part, but it is implied. Second, it’s a town hall format. Town halls are notorious for attracting the needy; the people who just want government to do something for them.

The advantage that we may have this time is that regardless of whom is in the room, Mitt Romney will most assuredly be the smartest one in it.

With that intelligence and overall good grasp of the issues, as was demonstrated in the last debate; Romney may be able to climb out of the hole that the leftists have dug for him.

One way or the other Mitt Romney has an uphill battle facing him tonight.

As usually occurs during these town hall debates, the questions will be mostly inane.

Questions like, “Mr. Romney, I’m having trouble paying for my Harvard tuition. How can the government help me?” Maybe Stella in the third row will ask, “Mr. Romney, I need a new kitchen. What can the government do for me?”

Another audience member may ask a hard-hitting question of the president, such as, ” Tell me sir, why are you so awesome?” Ms. Crowley will then add, “Yes, why is that?”

Mitt will of course try to answer the questions honestly and candidly whereas King Barack will just lie to them and pander. Naturally, that will be good enough for Ms. Crowley.

As I stated before, the story has already been written. Within the war rooms of all the major media outlets, tomorrow’s headline has been crafted and will read, “Obama, the Comeback Kid.”

Let’s just hope that Romney can once again come out firing on all cylinders, forcing them to rewrite tomorrow’s headline.

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