Obama to America: We Don’t Need No Stinking Vetting

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Well, my man Ted Cruz, who has now vaulted past Marco Rubio into third place in the latest Fox News poll, has echoed the thoughts of many of us right thinking Americans. He said in response to Obama’s continued want to bring jihadists, I mean refugees, to the U.S.: “I have to say particularly in light of what happened in Paris, that’s nothing short of lunacy.”

But not so fast Ted. Didn’t you hear – all these thousands of jihadists, I mean refugees, will be fully vetted.

But really – what’s a vetting? Nadal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, was a major in the Army. Who among us has gone through more thorough vetting than those in the military? Yet Hassan somehow escaped the scrutiny of military vetting. Some (me) would say purposely, all in the name of political correctness, which, as it did, always ends in disaster.

That being said, who believes the vetting procedure of these Syrian refugees will be more stringent than that of Hassan?

How well was Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez vetted? Remember him – the illegal alien monster who gunned down Kate Steinle in cold blood, in broad daylight, in front of her father. He was deported 5 times and had used 30 aliases. I guess the vetting process really broke down in his case.

The fact is, we don’t vet illegals. We can’t vet illegals. What kind of electronic, “biometric” trail will you find on some destitute itinerant farm hand from nowhere Guatemala? Of course – not a single thing. And the same will go for most of the “refugees” from Syria. We are to take the word of the refugee and the U.N.

For those unfamiliar, here is the proposed air-tight vetting process. The UNHCR collects data on each refugee. Right off of the bat, you know this is a lie. There are not enough U.N. personnel on the planet to do that job for hundreds of thousands of them. And even if there were, does anyone think the U.N. gives a flying crap who gets into America?

MUSLIM-REFUGEESNext it goes to our trustworthy State Department which collects data from the home country, which is under siege. Then they pass it off to Homeland Security which, they say, will personally interview each candidate. And that will happen.

Here’s the way it will actually work. Somewhere in a remote location, far from any prying eyes or ears will sit dozens of people from the U.N., the State Department and Homeland. They will each be given a rubber stamp that says PASS on it. Paperwork will be created, where it is then stamped by a U.N. flunky, passed to a State Department flunky, where it is again stamped and then once more by a Homeland drone. And I’m only half kidding.

But seriously, like the untold amount of illegal immigrants Obama has allowed to enter and stay, this, in my opinion, is not about American generosity, guilt or even democrat voters.

It’s about all the things we’ve been warning of regarding our radical president. It’s about overwhelming America. It’s about Cloward & Piven – crashing the system. It’s about Obama, the anti-colonialist. It’s about the culmination of Obama’s entire radical upbringing – remaking America.

He’s now doing everything he can to destroy, or at least dilute the evil, white, European-American colonial culture he grew up being taught to hate. It should come as no surprise. His wife, prior to him being elected, told us this was their plan.

And he is setting out to do just that. How many Americans are hurt or killed along the way is immaterial relative to righting centuries of wrongs and injustice. Gotta break some eggs to make an omelet. Yes, it sounds harsh, but if this isn’t the goal – give me another reason for his behavior.

Liberals appear to us to be blinded by their ideology. They make seemingly absurd decisions than run counter to who they are, like liberal Jews favoring the Palestinian position over that of Israel. But need I remind you again that a liberal is a liberal first and liberals must hate Israel. I think it’s in their bylaws.

Obama is no different in his adherence to his radical ideology – the deep-seeded anti-colonial beliefs of his father. We know this is not what America is nor ever was, but he’s long ago been inculcated in its ideology. There’s no changing Obama, or even moderating him. The only thing we can do is attempt to stop the further decay of America at his hand and then hire (elect) a real executive who loves our country and has reverence for the Constitution – and, by the way, he’s now in third place. I’m just sayin.

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

2 comments on “Obama to America: We Don’t Need No Stinking Vetting

  1. No, you’ve proven what a racist bigoted hateful scumbag you truly are. you’re journalistic standards have slipped to the point you’rre now making things up. Spin is one thing, but outright lying about what Obama said is another.

    I’m sick of reading BS crap about Obama is a mentally damaged monster possessed by a demon. It’s obvious that it makes you sick seeing a President giving priorities to a group that isn’t White, Christian, or straight!

    do you not know that he has been bombing ISIS in Syria. Do you want him to spend few more trillions and loss many more of our soldiers for dealing with ISIL on the ground? Why not ask our ally Israel who owe us trillions to do it for us? They are a lot closer to ISIL than US. He has bombed them over 200 times, My God Man we have been fighting them from the start. We just have not put Boots on the Ground. The media is lying to you, and you swallow it hook line and sinker.

    Obama drinks alcohol, he eats non halal meat, he eats pork, he supports gay marriage. He’s not evil. He does not hate America. He is not a traitor; that would be people like the senators who deliberately tried to derail the Iran nuclear agreement. He is more fiscally conservative than Reagan and less socialistic than Eisenhower. He has done no damage.

    He’s black. Get over it. Stop making up lies to support your hate.

    Right. Unlike the tea publicans who have called Obama names and totally disrespected even before he was elected and has continued up until now. How dare Obama fight back against racist bullies who only care about two things! Robbing the poor to give to the wealthy and making the white house white again! Doesn’t he know that he isn’t supposed to respond to any of their racist attacks or they’re total lack of respect? I’m glad Obama has started showing some backbone and calling them out for their lies and verbal attacks!

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