Obama Knew of Hillary’s Secret E-Mail

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from The Federalist:

IG Report Shows Obama Lied When He Said He Knew Nothing About Hillary’s Secret E-mail Scheme

In 2015, President Obama told America he only learned that his secretary of state Hillary Clinton was illegally using a private email server to conduct public business after The New York Times published a story saying so. Today’s release of a Department of Justice inspector general report shows that was a lie.

“FBI analysts and Prosecutor 2 told us that former President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her clintonemail.com account,” the report says in a footnote on page 89. “Obama, like other high level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account.”


The report also says Obama Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey knew that Obama had lied. It was in 2015 that Obama had disclaimed knowledge that Clinton used a private, rather than government, email address. In 2016, while drafting a public statement explaining why the FBI wouldn’t prosecute Clinton during her run for the presidency, Comey changed the statement’s wording to hide that Obama had communicated with Clinton through her private email address, the report says.

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2 comments on “Obama Knew of Hillary’s Secret E-Mail

  1. GASP!! Obama LIED??!! Oooohhhh…noes…say it isn’t so…

    This First IG report [of 2 or is it to be 3?] does give us a couple of new things but mostly just says the IG investigation agrees [mostly] with what all of us figured out long ago.

    Religiously fanatical whirling dervishes will be envious of the spinning we’ll see from the DNC media conglomerate on this one.

    • B.B. King’s lyrics (Heed My Warning) “You can lead a horse to water But you can’t make him drink; You can send a kid to college But you can’t make him think …” Astounding that with all the opportunities Obama had along the way he has the majority of his life ‘sealed’ from the public eye. However, we have 8+ years of digital voice and image recordings that are enough to gain a clear picture.

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