No Thought Given to the Banning of Plastic Bags

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by: Preston Baines with commentary from Brent Smith

Are plastic bag bans helpful? Think twice

The article was brought to my attention by Pat Gray of the Blaze and Glenn Beck show.

(The author’s thoughts are justified left, while my brilliant commentary is indented)

It begins:
12 years ago, San Francisco became the first city in the US to ban plastic bags in a very controversial vote which was mocked by almost everybody across the country. Fast forward to today and the bans are being celebrated across the country, including around the coast of conservative South Carolina. Richland County has passed the ban in its first reading and is poised to make it the law. Lexington County appears to be headed in the same direction.

This doesn’t surprise me. This kind of stuff happens a lot in the liberal enclaves of otherwise conservative States – State capitals and big University cities and towns.

And unfortunately, these 2 counties are defined by both.

Richland and Lexington Counties basically surround Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. First, you have all the State government hacks living in these counties. So naturally, being in government these people will be more liberal.

Second, Lake Murray is in Lexington County. It’s where the wealthy and guilty white liberals either reside or have second homes. So there’s that.

And third, there is the University of South Carolina. It’s in Columbia, and from what I recall when I attended USC, the college was a short walk to the State Capital.

So you have thousands of government bureaucrats in addition to probably an equal amount of leftist academics, all living in these 2 counties. Small wonder these counties would pass feel good laws like banning single use plastic bags.

The author continues:
While a feel-good law such as this seemingly improves our environment and therefore our “livelihood,” at what price are we willing to give up our personal liberty and hurt our businesses?

Well, leftists never give a second thought to any of these factors. Always remember – this type of legislation is strictly emotion-based. Very little thought, and even less science or logic goes into these decisions, as the author will show.

Here are some facts about plastic bag use. First, research shows that when plastic bags are eliminated, the option of reusing them disappears.
What happens?

Consumers now spend their own hard-earned dollars on buying garbage can liners from the shelves of stores. These liners include different toxic scents and use more plastic to create them which is a harmful environmental impact which adds to the production process.

Second, the environmental cost of producing plastic bag alternatives is immense. According to a recent study from the “green” Denmark Ministry of Environment and Food (Feb. 2018), paper and reusable polypropylene bags must be used 45 times and conventional cotton bags must be used 7,100 times to offset the environmental impacts on manufacturing them as opposed to one plastic bag.

Third, the elimination of plastic bags causes a dramatic increase in paper bags. Would you rather continue to have clear-cutting of trees or a random plastic bag swirling in the wind?

But it’s worse than that. Most don’t know that paper bags can’t be recycled indefinitely like those evil plastic bags. The paper fibers degrade each time they’re recycled, so new wood fiber has to be added with every new process. More fresh fiber equals more felled trees.

In addition, paper bags are heavier, 1,000 same-sized paper bags cost approximately 10x more in diesel fuel to ship than their plastic counterparts.

But that’s okay. When Bernie Sanders becomes president, there will be no more diesel fuel. Of course, without fuel, we can’t make any bags of any kind, so that’ll be good for the environment – right?

Environmental impacts aside, there is also a question of encroaching on the individual.

However, part of being a leftist is collectivism. The individual and individual rights are of no account.

One could say that plastic bags cause harm to marine life, but so do many other things.

Are you prepared for the government to ban cans, bottles and certain coolers among many other products?

And this is really the crux of the problem. When we allow, and even encourage government to “ban” things, where does it stop? Answer – it won’t. Once that authority is acquired by government, it won’t easily be relinquished.

Your response may be, yeah right… Remember, 12 years ago, banning plastic bags was a joke.

Attribution: Preston Baines and the Standard SC

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