No Talk of Government Cutting Back

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from The Blaze:

Republicans and Democrats open 2018 by arguing over how much to grow the size of government

As the holiday season comes to a close, Republicans and Democrats are opening the new year by resuming debate over a measure to fund the government through the end of 2018. The two sides failed to reach a compromise before the end of the year on such thorny issues as protection for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and funding for a wall on the southern border. But in addition to these sticking points, the two sides also appear to disagree over exactly how much the government should grow.

According to Reuters, the White House is pushing for massive increases in military spending along with a 7 percent increase in overall non-discretionary non-military spending, while Democrats are holding out for an 11 or 12 percent increase in non-discretionary spending.

It should be noted that almost no one in either branch of government on either side is attempting to actually reduce the size of the government or its budget.

Even the conservative House Freedom Caucus, which has in the past threatened to use their leverage to shut down the government in exchange for spending cuts, appears to have accepted the White House’s proposed spending levels. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a prominent Freedom Caucus member, appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation yesterday and praised the Trump administration’s fiscal restraint (as compared to the Democrats) for only asking for a 7 percent increase in non-discretionary spending.

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3 comments on “No Talk of Government Cutting Back

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  2. Why is no one remembering and talking about the massive infrastructure bill that was passed under Obama? We should have the best roads and bridges in the world right now. But we don’t. Where did all that money go?

  3. Again, this is why we must move forward with the Convention of States effort to have an Article V convention for proposing amendments. Congress will never, ever do anything to reduce the overall size or power of the federal government. Never. So either the States get it done, or the Republic is doomed.

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