New Democrats Will Solve Our Problems

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from the American Thinker:

The Progressives and Your Money

First things first. They’re no longer Democrats. “Democrats” are so yesterday, so obsolete, so unrepresentative of current liberal thought. JFK was a Democrat and he believed in a strong military, cutting taxes and confronting worldwide evil from an absolutist — not relative — vantage point. That’s all so wrong. We need a more enlightened approach, one that benefits from the knowledge we’ve gained in the 60 years since JFK. We’re progressed so far. That’s it — we’ll call ourselves Progressives.

And now, just when we need it the most, the Progressive Party has several new faces poised to lead the way and show the country the path we need to take in order to fulfill our society’s promise of greatness, a greatness that can finally be shared equally by all.

There are so many inequities waiting to be solved: blatantly unfair, inconsistent access to healthcare, a college educational system that inflicts outrageously crippling, life-long financial burdens on students, employment opportunities that are still shamefully skewed towards white males of European decent, and of course, the crisis of Climate Change, which is a veritable Gordian Knot of environmentally-sinful practices and social injustices.

Thankfully, Progressive solutions for all of these societal problems exist in the form of new, innovative, effective government programs — such as the Green New Deal — policies that will reorder the most harmful structures of American society once and for all, removing underserved privilege and replacing it with fairness and social justice.

These lifesaving new policies need just one thing in order to be implemented: money.

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