Netanyahu’s Communications Director Calls Out Obama

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

It’s common knowledge that Barack Obama is no fan of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the same goes for Bibi’s feeling toward Obama. In fact, in my opinion, they despise each other. Barack hates Bibi because Obama is an Islamic sympathizer, and Bibi hates Obama for the exact same reason.

Of course that’s not the way it is publicly. World leaders, even ones that lead from behind are expected to maintain decorum when they speak of one another. There is no love for one another or even mutual admiration, but a healthy respect is conveyed. That’s publicly.

And I guess that public decorum is supposed to extend down the line to staff members – say to like a communications director, whom you would think would know how to effectively communicate.

But evidently, conservative commentator Ran Baratz, Netanyahu’s newly appointed communications director didn’t get the memo, as some rather ignoble comments have been discovered about our fine Israel-loving president.

His Facebook post, although written in Hebrew is translated as: “I may be a little spicy, unlike להרגליי moderates: Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu’s speech — Looks like a modern anti-Semitism in western liberal. Of course and she comes with a lot of tolerance and understanding of anti-Semitism Islamic; so much tolerance and understanding, until willing to even give them a nuke.”

Although it does not translate to read like it was written in English, I think we get Mr. Baratz’s point. Whatever the “modifier” preceding “moderates” is, it apparently doesn’t translate, but again, with a little imagination, we can probably get close.

Add to this are a few choice comments regarding our Secretary of State, the haughty John Kerry. Regarding Kerry, Baratz recommended a career as anetanyahu-hates-obama stand-up comic after retiring, saying he has the “mental age” of 12.

The new communications director appears to be none too pleased with Obama or Kerry. Unfortunately these posts, which were apparently written months ago, were discovered just days before Netanyahu departed for America (on Sunday) to take part in meetings at the White House.

Well, I guess you just don’t say these types of things about your “allies,” no matter how often they stab you in the back. The BBC says that Netanyahu has described the comments as totally unacceptable. Absolutely true and accurate, but totally unacceptable. I added the true and accurate part.

“Those posts are totally unacceptable and in no way reflect my positions or the policies of the government of Israel. Dr Baratz has apologized and has asked to meet me to clarify the matter following my return to Israel,” said Netanyahu.

It’s funny, but I kind of get the feeling that Bibi knew this guys background and appointed him so that someone could publicly state what is clearly true but a diplomatic no-no, just to have it out there. Heck maybe Mr. Baratz even agreed to be the fall guy. I mean, we all know John Kerry is a complete fool who just thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. In my opinion he has also demonstrated to the world to be an Israel-hating U.N. type leftist. And Obama is worse.

Netanyahu knows, as he begins talks with Obama, he is heading into a lions den of Islamic sympathizers, who are bound to concentrate on the latest Israel-Palestinian violence and will undoubtedly blame Israel for the Palestinian stabbing rampages.

Maybe Bibi is holding off on canning Mr. Baratz until he sees how things go in America. If they go the way I’m sure Netanyahu expects (as we all do) – not well – maybe he’ll keep Baratz on, quietly tell him to take to Facebook and Twitter and go to town. That would be delicious and way overdue. It would be nice for a real world leader, or one of his staff, to finally call our lying, backstabbing, vindictive leaders, who are only tough when bullying Israel.