NBA Hypocrisy over China

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from the Blaze:

NBA shuts down CNN reporter who dares to ask stars if they’re going to stop speaking about social justice after the China fiasco

The players suddenly are silent about ‘political and societal affairs’

What did she ask that was such a problem?

The NBA has been dealing with an ongoing imbroglio after league officials, owners, and players fell over themselves apologizing to the Communist government of China after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

One of the players who quickly bowed to the China regime where the NBA is most popular sports league was the Rockets’ own Harden. He not only apologized to the country that currently oppresses its own people and people in Hong Kong, he also went on to declare his — and the league’s — love and praise for the Communist nation:

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