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John Kasich: Like a Lying, Cheating Husband

Who’s tired of seeing and hearing from Mr. Nice Guy, John Kasich? I think one of the reasons he’s still around is because people think he is at least a good honest “nice guy” who plays it straight and has a proven economic record.

Still, how many more times do we need to hear that he, as chairman of the House Budget Committee in the ’90s, balanced the federal budget? Every stump speech, every debate we hear him say, “I’m the only person on this stage who actually was the chief architect of balancing the federal budget. It’s not a theory for me. … You have to know how to put everything together. And you know, I spent 10 years of my life to get there.”

What he claims is a lie, yet no one ever calls him on it. They should, because he’s a lying cheater – and he knows it – and so, too, should everyone. Maybe if more people did, he’d be gone already.

Allow me to explain it this way.

Let’s say you’re married. Both you and your wife have for years had a spending problem. Sure you both make decent money, but continue to spend more than you take in. At one point it gets so bad that you must borrow from friends and relatives.

They begrudgingly help you out, all the while complaining about your lifestyle and insisting that you two must get a handle on things.

One day you get together and make the decision that it is time to change – cut spending, begin to pay down your debt and start working toward obtaining a surplus. You develop a plan and get to work to achieve it. You even agree to take over the headache of paying the bills. You know she hates doing it, and you look like a great guy for it. You’re as happy as is your wife – that is until the agreed upon cutbacks begin to negatively affect you personally.

So unbeknownst to your wife, you apply for and receive a credit card with a sizable limit, which you covertly use to maintain your personal standard of living. All the while, your wife has no knowledge of the card, and as you pay the bills and maintain the checkbook, you are able to continue the ruse. Once a quarter, as agreed upon, you are able to show her how much you’ve paid down the household debt and will soon be able to put some into savings.

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