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Republicans’ repeal-but-not-really betrayal

I do a weekly podcast in which I normally discuss two or three topics that interest me (and hopefully the listener). However, this past Sunday, being so infuriated, I ended up devoting the entire time to one subject – the repeal of Obamacare. You may listen to it here.

Many Americans elected Donald Trump for one reason. They think he will fight for them. They see him as a symbol of hope – to break the cycle of Washington insider politics-as-usual. They/we are tired of broken promises that predictably occur after every election. They/we want Trump to break this cycle.

Trump or no, it appears the cycle continues, like the Italian rail system, right on schedule.

Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review correctly states that the Republicans are in fact not going to do what they promised us when they asked for and received our votes this past election. They will not do what Ted Cruz wants them to do – “Repeal every word of Obamacare” – but instead are “faking the Obamacare repeal.”

Horowitz went on the Mark Levin radio program to explain that the Republicans plan to only repeal “some” of the health-care law, but nothing close to all. He explains that Republican leadership has no interest in repealing “the heart and soul of what Obamacare is – the regulatory mandates, the insurance coverage mandates – that they [insurance companies] have to cover everything under the sun.”

Horowitz explains that these mandates are the very things that make Obamacare so expensive – to cause premiums to spike to unsustainable levels – and that “they will remain in place.”

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