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The Church Militant

The refrain that is heard from the right when they refer to liberal actors is “Shut up and Act.” The same goes for leftist musicians: “Shut up and Sing.” Don’t involve yourselves in matters you know little to nothing about. Leave the politics to politicians, and leave armed conflicts to the military.

Because one is popular, famous and has a large following doesn’t automatically make an actor or musician an authority on matters political or military. Save for a very few, history is not on their side. Not many have gone on to become great political or military leaders.

Of course, the left has its own tired refrain – that of the separation of church and state. They insist that pastors, preachers and men of faith should also not involve themselves in politics or policy.

Many would say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If musicians and actors should not lecture on such things, neither should men of faith. Yet it is these men of faith who have history squarely on their side.

Our nation’s founding was born of men and women seeking religious freedom from England and its one-size-fits-all Anglican state church. They sought the right to worship with whatever church they wished.

As we know, England and particularly the crown would have none of that. How dare an English colony put anything before the king or be a member of any religion other than Anglican, the British state religion.

This is why during the Revolution, pastors and preachers in America were targeted and why so many men of religion rose to prominence during our struggle for independence. Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 29 held seminary degrees or Bible school certification.

Now this will boil the blood of the “separation of church and state” crowd: Many state constitutions were ratified in churches or church buildings. So much for separation.

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