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Speech is Only Free When the Mob Allows It

I still remember the first time I went to Stone Mountain, Georgia. A friend worked at the theme park there, and I was going to visit him. I drove my motorcycle from my apartment in Clarkston, maybe five whole miles, and despite getting a gazillion miles to the gallon, I ran out of gas anyway. I had to hitchhike to the park where my friend and I did the whole gas can thing. Good times. Since then, I have gone back several times.

I recall what a beautiful place it is and was awestruck by the site of the Confederate Mount Rushmore – the Confederate Memorial carved into the side of Stone Mountain. Unless you are a total politically correct weenie and believe it would be a micro-aggression to merely gaze upon it, you really should see it. I did a podcast last summer regarding this very subject, and it’s still relevant today. It’s segment 2 at this link.

Unfortunately, ever since the rhubarb over the Confederate flag came to the fore last year, practically everything having to do with Southern heritage is under assault. And at least some people whose identifies are being attacked will stand up and say no, we won’t allow it. As this is still kind of a free country, freedom of speech and peaceful assembly is supposed to be allowed, and it is said to be the speech we hate that should be most protected.

You would think that’s still the case – but no – you’d be wrong. These days it appears to be whoever has the largest crowd or shouts the loudest, has the correct skin color or whines the most – only they have the right to assemble, march and protest. It’s the radical leftist creed.

On Saturday, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) held a peaceful rally at Stone Mountain Park. It was organized to coincide with Confederate Memorial Day. Simultaneously, another white-power rally was held in Rome, Georgia, attended by members of the Aryan Nation, the KKK and the NSM. Both were sparsely attended, brazen in their display of KKK, Nazi and white power flags and paraphernalia, but still peaceful.

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