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Trump: A ‘man of action’ … to our detriment


Well, I guess the gloves are off, so here we go.

Last week’s GOP debate further convinced me that Donald Trump is a “man of action” and as such will be the embodiment of all out-of-control executives, believing, like Obama, that he has far more authority than the Constitution authorizes. He, like Obama, will follow in the footsteps of our history’s other out-of-control “men of action” like Andrew Jackson, both Roosevelts, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson and others.

It’s the difference between a Washington, Madison or Jefferson, who were driven by Divine Providence, and the aforementioned disasters driven by Manifest Destiny. These progressive disasters were/are convinced that they knew better than everyone and everything, including the Constitution, and that all must step aside and allow them to lead.

Trump is obsessed with winning and appears to have no humility. And frankly, I’m tired of hearing that we need a tough guy – that we need a fighter, not a wimp. That’s bull crap. You can be humble and tough. The two are not mutually exclusive. I could never picture Donald Trump falling to his knees, as did George Washington (definitely not a wimp), asking God for guidance or help. That’s humility. Maybe he does – I don’t know. What I do picture is him staring admiringly at a portrait of himself.

Trump strikes me as an executive who recognizes no higher authority, or even any equal, as in the other two branches of government.

That’s fine for business, but government isn’t like business – it’s not about winning. Government has but a few main constitutional functions. Protecting the homeland and keeping the states and the people from dominating one another. Other than that, staying the heck out of our way.

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