MSM Equates Human Rights Abuses to Trump calling them Fake News

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from NewsBusters:

Kelly Jane Torrance of The Weekly Standard wrote a startling article on “Our self-obsessed parochial press corps” in the magazine’s May 7 edition. The setting was an April 20 State Department briefing on its report on human-rights abuses in other countries…but the reporters wanted to focus on the horrors of America, where a president says “Fake News.”

blockquote>The first question came from the Associated Press’s Matt Lee, whose reporting is distributed to outlets across the country and beyond. “I realize that this report doesn’t cover the United States,” he said as he began his query—which focused almost entirely on the United States. “I’m just wondering how effective you think that you can be in leading by example when you accuse numerous countries of, say, assaults on press freedom when here in this country we have a president who routinely excoriates the press, calling individual media outlets—and individual reporters sometimes—fake news,” he asked. “How do you not open yourself up to charges of hypocrisy?”

Kozak gave a clear answer, free of bureaucratese: “[T]he countries that we criticize for limiting press freedom, it’s for things like having criminal libel laws where you can be put in jail for what you say. It’s for things like yanking the licenses of media outlets you don’t like or, in many cases, killing the journalists,” he said. “So I think we make quite a distinction between political leaders being able to speak out and say that that story was not accurate or using even stronger words sometimes, and using state power to prevent the journalists from continuing to do their work.”

The press thinks criticizing them is a human-rights abuse. But the press calling Trump Hitler and so on? That apparently keeps democracy from dying in darkness. Then came Michelle Kosinski from CNN:

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