Mr. President – No Federal Troops in American Cities

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by: Brent Smith

The York Times writes that President Trump plans to expand the use of “federal troops” from not just Portland, Or., but also other cities like Chicago, maybe Philadelphia, New York City and Detroit.

“Governors and other officials reacted angrily to the president’s move, calling it an election-year ploy as they squared off over crime, civil liberties and local control that has spread from Portland, Ore., across the country,” the Times bloviated.

An election year ploy? This whole Marxist driven mess is nothing more than an election year ploy.

Let me remind you who is driving this train. The bogus Black Lives Matter movement and their bankroll of $1.6 billion and counting.

You read that right.

And how do I know it’s an election year ploy by the BLM?

When did BLM first make headlines? When did they first gain prominence? If you guessed 2016, you’d be right.

Now what happened in 2016? Oh that’s right – we were heading into a presidential election. Huh.

Then we didn’t hear much from them for a while. So much so that I was writing about something last year and remember having to actually look up if BLM was even still around or did they disband.

Now by sheer coincidence They’re back with a vengeance in 2020. What is happening in 2020? Well shazam – another presidential election.

I don’t care what you hear from the nimrods on the ground. This is as it has always been – about Orange man bad – must get rid of Orange man.

Then install the ultimately controllable puppet, Joe Biden, who will do whatever he is told to do.

Now regarding federal “troops.”

First, I love the leftists calling them “troops.” Like they’re the Rangers, Green Berets, Delta, SEALs – like Trump is deploying Tier-One operators to guard federal buildings from destruction in Portland Oregon.

It’s nothing like that, but when the media keeps hammering that there are “troops” deployed, they know darn well that the general public will imagine just that.

These “troops” are Homeland security, mainly investigative agents and others assigned to protect federal facilities.

And why shouldn’t they. If those buildings get trashed, or worse, the feds – we, have to pay to make them whole again.

This also gives a perfect out to these idiot democrats in charge of the cities and States. They can blame escalations and damage on the president.

Now about Trump deploying federal troops, like regular military, on our city streets – don’t do it Mr. President. No matter how bad things get, don’t do it.

And don’t give me that Insurrection Act crap. This isn’t a national insurrection. The National Guard can handle this just fine, which Governors can call up if needed.

Well, some ill-informed idiots may say – the Guard are just dopey weekend warriors. They can’t handle this type of violence. I’ve heard that said and it’s total crap.

Speaking for myself (but it’s probably true in every State), I know a bunch of National Guard troops personally.

Maybe at one time they were just inexperienced weekend warriors, but since 9-11, the guys I know have cut their teeth in Iraq and Afghanistan and have been in “contact” with some nasty S.O.B’s, in places a lot more dangerous than Portland.

They can more than handle some leftist weenies on your average city street.

In closing, I’m going to agree with Erik Erickson and say to president Trump – Protect federal buildings in these cities, but that’s it. No matter what – don’t lift a finger beyond that to help these Mayors and Governors. Don’t get involved any further!

They created this mess, or allowed it to happen – they can deal with it. And that goes for all the idiots who voted these waste-products into office.

First, it’s not the job of the feds to bail out the poor and spineless decisions made by these leftists.

And second – it’s not the job of the federal government – period! The founders were pretty damn clear that internal functions – and dysfunction, is the job and responsibility of the individual States. The feds have no role in it!!