Mr. President – Don’t Sign the Spending Bill!

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Sorry folks, but what ever happened to president Trump never again signing another pork-laden Omnibus government spending bill? This thing is an absolute disaster and gives to the democrats, practically everything they want.

from Conservative Review:

If Trump signs omnibus bills, he’ll lose his last legislative leverage

Donald Trump

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP | Getty Images

It’s become an annual ritual before Christmas. Both parties, despite the fake wrestling of soap opera politics, come together to increase spending and add special interest policy riders into a 2,000-page omnibus bill dropped hours before a vote is conducted, while nothing in the bill addresses the core challenges of our time that matter most to the citizenry. This occurs whether Republicans control one, two, or all three branches of the legislative process.

Yesterday afternoon, the bipartisan oligarchy dropped the omnibus bills to fund all of government for the remainder of fiscal year 2020. Unlike past years, lawmakers divided it into two pieces of legislation – a 540-page bill funding Defense, Homeland Security, and the Justice Department, and a separate 1,773-page bill funding the rest of government. They are also expected to add hundreds of pages of special-interest tax carve-outs for various industries, known as “tax extenders.” Rather than pushing for a continuing resolution to keep the status quo through the Christmas break so we can have a national debate over the broader priorities, Trump is being pressured to sign away the remaining leverage of his term. Now is the time for him to discover his veto pen.

In February, Trump mistakenly agreed to an omnibus bill rather than pushing another short-term CR, which would have set up a funding fight after the DHS announced a state of emergency at the border in March. During the initial government shutdown, the border crisis was still too subtle, so Democrats were able to deny the need for more immigration enforcement and a border wall. That would have changed had he just signed a short-term extension. The same principle applies now. No matter what happens in our country that proves the need for more ICE and wall funding, Trump will not have leverage with a funding deadline, because these bills will keep government funded for the remainder of the year.

Is Trump’s payback against the Democrats’ unprecedented vote of impeachment against him to sign their budget bills on the very same day?

Let’s review just a handful of major problems with these bills juxtaposed to Trump’s campaign promises:

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