Morgan Says Dems Need More than a Blue Wave in 2020

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from the Blaze:

Piers Morgan ridicules ‘blue wave,’ says Dems need a better 2020 plan or ‘Trump will drown them’

English journalist Piers Morgan laid into Democrats in an op-ed published Wednesday in the Daily Mail.

Morgan mocked the Democrats’ “blue wave” and suggested that they better have a bigger and better 2020 plan in place if they want a chance at unseating President Donald Trump.

What did he say?

In the op-ed, Morgan said that he wasn’t all that impressed with Democrats’ hoped-for “blue wave” that would ideally have taken over the various branches of government had the midterm elections gone the way they intended.

Morgan wrote, “Blue wave? I’ve seen bigger political puddles.”

“After two years of relentless and often demented celebrity-fuelled Trump-bashing hysteria, the Democrats sneaked back the House of Representatives with a swing of seats far smaller than the shellacking that engulfed incumbent first time Presidents Bill Clinton in 1994 or Barack Obama in 2010.”

The two went on to be re-elected, Morgan noted, and compared the “resistance” to nothing more than a “lame peashooter” rather than a “row of cannons.”

What’s more, Morgan pointed out, is that the Republican majority in the Senate actually increased in the midterms.

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