More Useless COVID Scares are Coming , but here are the Facts

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by: Brent Smith

With lockdowns and shutdowns returning to our States – at least the States that even attempted to reopen, a vaccine may be our only way back. Moving the goalposts!

But wait. Not so fast thinking a vaccine will be the cure all – the sole way back to normalcy. According to the great Dr. Fauci, even if a vaccine is 90% effective, we should still wear masks and social distance.

In other words – move those goalposts to a completely unreachable, so that a return to normal pre-mask, pre-distancing life is unachievable. but her

In the face of this evidence, if you are still someone who thinks Fauci is the end-all COVID expert, you need your head checked.

Here is some actual science and statistics, presented in a way as to be undeniable. And you wouldn’t want to be a science denier – would you?

And if you glean nothing else from this informative video, concentrate on the much-maligned nation of Sweden, who chose to use common sense in lieu of the panic porn forced on us by Deep State science and medical hacks, as well as government and media. As we, in full “sky-is-falling” mode were shutting and locking down, they chose to instead remain open and just live their lives.

And what and where did that get them.

Well … watch and learn:

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