Might Scott Walker Go Soft on Illegal Immigration

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

The left has taken a break from asking the Republican presidential candidates about Donald Trump. I know Trump is front and center in every news cycle, but enough is enough. It’s like: “We’re now at the scene of the accident that just killed Rick Perry’s entire family (not really – it’s just a demonstration). Gov. Perry appears speechless. Let’s see if we can get a word from the grief stricken man. “Governor. Excuse me – Governor. I know you must be in a lot of pain, but how do you think Donald Trump will react to the news of the sudden death of your entire family?” It really has gotten that ridiculous.

Now that there are no new Trump headlines, the left has gone back to their usual methods of harassing the candidates, as demonstrated at a Scott Walker campaign stop in Plainfield Iowa, where Walker grew up.

Many residents showed up to happily greet the hometown hero, but not everyone in attendance was so supportive. The Flores family, a family of illegal Mexican immigrants waited by Walker’s campaign bus to ensnare talk to the candidate.

This was not just a family who happened by. No – that is not how the radical left works. They were driven to the event by an illegal immigration activist rabble-rouser.

Walker did end up speaking to the “family,” assuming they were an actual family, where he understood and sympathized with their plight but said, “the nation needs to secure the border and enforce its laws before it can focus on other issues. An immigration system cannot come at the cost of American workers and their wages, “and added that the Flores family must follow the rules. And that’s when he should have said: “Officer – can you take this family into custody, where they may be processed for deportation,” but he didn’t.

Flores then asked Walker: “when are you guys going to fix the immigration system? When are you guys going to take the time to fix immigration reform? So we’ve got to be deported?” And again, this is when Walker should have said simply yes, but he didn’t.

Walker’s rebuttal was that, “No man or woman is above the law in this country. That’s the beauty of America.” To that Luis Flores asked: “Do you want me, like, to come home… come from school and my dad get deported?” Here again was a perfect opportunity for Scott Walker to merely say, that that is the law and it must be followed, but he didn’t.

But I guess Walker was either not as prepared as he should have been or this is a red flag on Walker’s illegal immigration stance, as he said: “No that’s not what I’m talking about. You mentioned Waukesha. I’ve got two nieces who go to school there as well… I appreciate kids like you and kids like them, so that’s not what my point is. My point is that in America, nobody is above the law.” In fact that is exactly what Walker was talking about, in so many words. So why then backpedal?

I like Walker. He’s one of my favorites, but did he just tip his hand regarding the millions of illegals who are already here or did he just try to soft-pedal his stance for the sake of the Flores family? We need to find out.

The fact is that 2-1/2 million illegals have entered the country during Obama’s tenure. That’s an average of about 350,000 every year or the size of a fairly major city. In 2010 there were only 275 cities of 100,000 people or more. There are now 285 and the majority of the new additions to the 100,000 club are in California and Texas. Gee, I wonder where the additional population came from?

I feel for the illegals that schlep across the border to search for a better life. But that doesn’t excuse them from the law. More questions need to be asked of all the candidates about where they stand on illegals. How they specifically plan to “secure” the border and what they propose to do with the millions who are already here.

And we can no longer afford to accept a vague answer like “I wish to secure the border,” which means absolutely nothing. We can also no longer accept veiled answers regarding a path to citizenship which may require paying some silly fine, learning English and getting to the back of the line. We know none of these will actually happen, yet I’ve never heard the question, “and if they don’t learn English – then what?”

We need to nail these guys down before it’s too late to do so – even the ones we strongly support.