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I was going to write about the leader of Occupy Miami, but Godfather Politics did it quite well. I did, at times, editorialize. Editorial comments will be represented by an [EC].

Godfather Politics: Most Americans believe that the Occupy movements are just about Wall Street, banks, big business and the wealthy. However, others are using the Occupy movement for completely different purposes.

Did you know that the founder and spokesperson of Occupy Miami, Mohammad Malik,


is also the director of the south Florida chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)?

Malik is also well known for his involvement in several other radical Islamic organizations. He is also a very outspoken hater of Israel [EC: Imagine that. A member of CAIR who’s a radical & hates Israel].

At one anti-Israeli protest, Malik was seen wearing Hamas clothing and leading the protesters chanting “Nuke Israel” and “Go back to the oven!” Malik was referring to the Jewish Holocaust when Nazi Germany sent over six million Jews to their deaths in the gas chambers and ovens. [EC: Isn’t it nice that radical Moslems & Nazis have a common interest? Just like in World War II. Unite, not divide! Togetherness is were it’s at, man]

In 2010, Malik held a CAIR dinner where the keynote speaker was an unindicted co-conspirator [EC: sorry, no such thing. It’s just conspirator] in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the Bomber

Siraj Wahhaj has repeatedly called for the Islamic overthrow of the United States by whatever means possible and he has openly defended the convicted bombers in the World Trade Center attack. [EC: That Siraj; he’s such a jokester. I heard he headlines at the Laugh Palace in Tehran]

It should also be no surprise to know that Malik is an ardent supporter of a free Palestinian state. Malik has been quoted numerous times in the local Miami media and he has done nothing to hide it or his hatred for Jews and Israel.

He even blames Israel for most of the terrorism in the world, which I find rather curious since the vast majority of terrorist attacks have been launched by radical Muslims against non-Jewish targets.

Israeli Security Wall

Israeli Security Wall

[EC: The only reason for that is thanks to Israeli security measures. If they were as politically correct as Europe or us, they would have been wiped out already]

And if you think that Malik and his involvement in Occupy Miami is an isolated case, think again. Occupy New York has held several anti-Israel protests as well. One of those that have been involved with leading some of the anti-Israeli protests is Fenton Communications, headed by David Fenton.

Fenton also works closely with the George Soros funded Tides Center [EC: No way; Soros is involved?]. Both Fenton and

Radicals All: Joshua Micah Marshall, left, with Jamal Joseph, Bernardine Dohrn, Tom Hayden and David Fenton

Tides have been supporters of Hamas, a Palestinian free state and the ending of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Fenton Communications does business with a number of Islamic firms and organizations including one foundation run by Qatar’s ruler’s wife Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned.

Among Fenton’s staff is senior vice-president Doug Gordon, who spent time working on Capitol Hill and with the Democratic Party, as well as the top aide to Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

What once started out as a simple protest by mostly ill-educated socialists has now been turned into a platform for radical Muslims and their destroy America and Israel agenda. It’s no longer about the 1 % as much as it is about the American dissenters.

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