Mayor de Blasio’s City-State

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by: the Common Constitutionalist


New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is upset at the New York State government for not rubber stamping his progressive agenda. He evidently feels his city should be effectively unpinned from the state government allowing him to form, as Frances Martel at Breitbart describes, his own “City-state”, like ancient Athens.


De Blasio’s agenda is beginning to look like Bloomberg on steroids. He has been in office only a couple of months and has sought to institute a tax on the city’s wealthy, which he claims will pay a citywide universal pre-kindergarten boondoggle.


I have mixed feelings about this. Not the bogus pre-kindergarten indoctrination factories. I know that’s a worthless money pit. No, it’s the tax hike on the wealthy. On one hand I don’t wish anyone’s taxes raised, but on the other, I think he should raise them until it hurts. After all, these are the same upper West side pompous rich leftist elitists who undoubtedly voted for the commie mayor.


Gov. Cuomo is none too pleased with the Mayor. Fox news reported that Cuomo called the idea of making rich neighborhoods fund themselves separately from the rest of the state “repugnant”.



Oh, and I almost forgot. The Mayor also wants to raise the minimum wage in the city, separate from the rest of the state.


Where is my head at. I also forgot to mention de Blasio’s plan to give criminal aliens (illegals) city government issued ID cards, allowing them to access city services and open bank accounts and the like.


The mayor is getting pushback by both Democrats and Republicans in the capital, Albany, who have taken offense to the mayor attempting to usurp state government authority.


For as leftist and progressive as they are in New York State, they evidently realize that if they push the leftist agenda too far, too fast, even more business will exit the state than already have.


However, not everyone feels that Mayor de Blasio is pushing the progressive ideological agenda too hard.


Last Thursday, Alan Singer, a social studies (should be socialist studies) educator from Hofstra University, penned an article in the Huffington Post.


He wrote that he never really liked de Blasio. “I always felt de Blasio talked progressive, but his policy proposals were moderate tinkering they would not bring significant change.”


This is academia folks. Bleeping scary isn’t it. When a socialist like de Blasio is described as a moderate by your child’s social studies teacher, small wonder there are so many angry, confused and stupid college kids.


Singer continued, “…but I am starting to like Bill de Blasio much more. I really like the tone of his recent State of the City address. Not so much because this proposal, which I still think of as moderate, but because he is prepared to fight for his proposals…”


Singer explains that de Blasio not only has to battle Republicans in Albany but also Gov. Cuomo. Singer describes Cuomo as being “nominally a Democrat”.


The fact is that Cuomo is every bit the progressive leftist that Singer loves, but Cuomo sees the mass exodus of business from his state. He knows businesses are the only way to fund the progressive leviathan. That’s why he must give huge tax breaks to business to entice them back, which is evident from the sudden rash of commercials promoting New York State as business friendly. If he has aspirations beyond the Gov.’s mansion, Cuomo knows New York can’t go belly up on his watch. That’s why he must fight de Blasio.


I liken Cuomo to the establishment Republicans. They too want “progress”, but just more slowly than does the radical left.


I pity any poor conservative fool still residing in New York.

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