Marching for Jobs

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On August 20th there will be a march against racial profiling in Detroit’s Clark Park. It’s called “The March without Fear”. The march was born from backlash of a raid on a school by I.C.E. for illegal aliens. Not immigrants, illegals. This, among other things, is a great example of how to control the debate by controlling the language. Lump illegal aliens in with all immigrants and voila, they are all just immigrants. Just like magic.

Detroit’s population has plummeted from 1.8 million in the 1950’s to around 713,000 today. That’s pitiful. A Detroit City Councilman claimed, “We need people”. What do you mean you need people? You can’t employ the ones you have now! What an idiotic statement. Michigan’s Governor stated, “We must embrace immigration.” He spoke of jobs that are created when people of different backgrounds work together. Governor Snyder said that the state republicans “anti-immigrant” bills were “unfortunate” and “created divisiveness”. There it is again. The bills are not anti-illegal alien (which they are) but just anti-immigrant. Peter Karmanos, Jr., chairman of Michigan based Compuware Corporation, speaking at a forum said, “both my parents were immigrants, it makes no sense.” I doubt they came here illegally Mr. Karmanos.

Here are some recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Michigan’s U-6 unemployment rate (the real rate) is about 21%. Bad enough but Detroit’s number is close to 45%. 45% unemployment? Are you kidding? The poverty rate for black & latino youths is 50% higher than whites & asians. Their unemployment rate is 60% higher. These poor black kids have no real skills or experience and now they have to compete with lower cost unskilled illegals. That’s compassionate. Still think they need people? They need companies to employ people. Naturally what will attract companies is more unskilled, non-english speaking illegal aliens. Makes perfect sense.

So march to your heart’s content. It won’t bring a single job to Detroit nor improve the city. But as long as it looks good and makes people feel better about themselves, that’s all that counts.

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