Life Liberty & Levin is a Must See

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Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell and Tim Graham explain why Mark Levin’s latest television venture is must see TV. The Fox news program, which airs each Sunday night at 10 PM Eastern time is real educational TV, unlike the soundbite filled clap-trap presented as news on other shows.

I can personally attest – you’ll be smarter for watching it.

from NewsBusters: 

Learning from ‘Life Liberty & Levin’


Liberal journalists have spilled a whole lot of ink in the Trump era boasting how they’ve suffered watching a week or so of Fox News programming to explore the strange informational terrain of the Trump voter. They pompously proclaim it’s television for your crazy Uncle Frank, pushing conspiracy theories for dumb people while nurturing resentments toward the elites — meaning, of course, them.

That nasty cartoon is rebutted by a new Fox News program, Life Liberty & Levin,hosted by Mark Levin. It is more intellectual than anything produced on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or MSNBC. Nothing they have on air comes even close.  For an hour, at 10 pm Eastern time on Sunday nights, Levin interviews one guest — remember that? — drilling deep to explore how the guest has worked to protect and preserve the principles of freedom. It’s substance over sizzle. It serves to enlighten, not entertain. It is serious programming, so the liberal critics have demeaned it as a “glacial slog.”

It takes a nano-second for Levin to go further than today’s typically superficial television interview.  He begins by reviewing his guest’s biography, and viewers may learn a tidbit that immediately puts his guest’s career in its proper perspective. Sen. Mike Lee is the son of former solicitor general Rex Lee, and gained his interest in politics by watching his father work in court. Levin told viewers that he was graduated from the same high school in the Philadelphia area as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (at a different time), and that Netanyahu spent a year after college working at the same consulting firm as Mitt Romney. With just those two introductory nuggets, Levin has transcended the claptrap one hears from the elites at CNN or MSNBC.

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