Lies, Mistruths, Demagoguery and More Lies – the Democrat Convention

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from the American Spectator:

The Democrats’ Cavalcade of Lies

The Democrats’ convention is painful to watch — a display of nonstop demagoguery about “saving the planet” from pols who can’t even save America’s cities. Pundits purr that the Democrats offer a “return to normalcy.” But almost everything about their agenda is abnormal — from leaving America’s border open to defunding the police to imposing transgenderism on America’s youth.

The Democrats take no interest in the basic requirements of running a country and instead tout what ruins one. Notice how little they talk about the essential functions of government while blathering on about extraneous ones. The party of lockdowns, shutdowns, and national mask mandates is simultaneously in favor of open borders, amnesty, and health insurance for illegal immigrants.

Much of the Democrats’ rhetoric centers on their supposed superior compassion. We are to believe that they have a monopoly on “empathy.” But are their hearts any better than their heads? This is the party of partial-birth abortion. Does Michelle Obama have empathy for the child in the womb? Why can’t the “party of science” bring itself to look at a sonogram?

The Democrat party turns from compassionate to cold on abortion and refuses to give pro-lifers any place at its convention. It speaks of “hope” while peddling a hopeless vision of life, one in which children are taught, in the words of Michelle Obama, that a “never-ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered.” Were she talking about abortion in black communities, she would be right. But she wasn’t. She was defaming the cops and accusing them of “systemic” murder.

Nor was she talking about crime in her hometown of Chicago, a problem she didn’t deign to discuss. Somehow Chicago’s never-ending list of victims of crime doesn’t interest Democrats. They would prefer to stop the “rise” of the oceans than rising crime. They can find millions for windmills and solar panels but not for police departments.

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