Let Them Eat… Big Macs

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Mississippi enshrines right to eat 20 Big Macs in ‘anti-Bloomberg’ bill

America’s most obese state, Mississippi, has passed a Bill which will prohibit any city, town or county in the state from passing laws which restrict what people may eat or drink.

Branded the “anti-Bloomberg” Bill, after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled proposals to ban the sale of large fizzy drinks in an attempt to address America’s growing obesity problem, the law would also prohibit local officials from forcing restaurants to label menus with calorie contents.

One politician who voted for the bill, Gregory Holloway, added: “If you want to go eat 20 Big Macs, you can eat 20 Big Macs… If you want 1,000 sodas, you can still do that.”

Mississippi has topped the America’s Health list of the fattest states in the country for seven years in a row. Statistics show that 35 per cent of adults in the state are obese.

The new bill has prompted widespread criticism from healthy eating groups, who say the state is the last place which needs such a law.

A coalition of organisations including the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network have urged the Mississippi governor Phil Bryant to veto the legislation, a step he must take by Monday if he is to stop the bill becoming law.

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