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The Congressional Super Committee. They got magic. They got poetry in their fingertips! (Thanks C.S.) I started writing this article with the intent to expose how ridiculous this Super Committee circus will be. Then I began thinking that this may be a setup to carve up the defense budget under the cover of dreaded gridlock. See, if the committee can’t agree on cuts (that’s a laugh, there will be no cuts), then automatic cuts will kick in according to the debt limit deal. These cuts will be quite real. Most of them directed at defense. You know defense, one of the few actual constitutional expenditures there are.

So I start thinking about connections. Ah yes, Leon Panetta. The newly confirmed Secretary of Defense. Formally the no-experience C.I.A. chief. But he was in the military in the 1960’s. Doesn’t that count for something? No. So was John Kerry. Why was he chosen to head defense? I heard that he was chosen specifically to gut the department. Cut us down to size. Absurd! Sounds like something a communist sympathizer would do. Looking into his background, I’m thinking if that’s not dead on, it’s real close. It all goes back to his ongoing friendship/relationship with Hugh DeLacy. Hugh was pen-pals with Leon. Hugh was also a known communist. He was a supporter of both the Chi-Coms & the Sandinistas. They both revealed, in their correspondences to one another, their shared belief of cutting the budgets of defense & foreign affairs as it relates to the spread of communism. By the way, at the time he (Panetta) was conversing with Delacy, Panetta was a member of Congress. One of the letters from Panetta was a non-public summary on U.S. military affairs. How odd. Evidently, none of this was of any concern prior to his confirmation to Sec-Def. That would be a red flag for me, but I’m not a public servant. What do I know.

I may be way wrong on this one, but I wouldn’t bet my lunch on it.

(Attribution: Loudon & Kincaid)

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