Lamb Campaigned as a Republican – When Will Dems Start Attacking Him

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from IBD:

So, When Will Democrats Start Brutally Attacking Gun-Loving Conor Lamb?

While viciously attacking Republicans for opposing gun control, Democrats are celebrating the victory of gun-loving Conor Lamb in the Pennsylvania special election. What would those student gun control protestors say if they knew about that?

What has barely been mentioned over the past few weeks, however, is the fact that Lamb ran as a something of a poster boy for the NRA.

One of Lamb’s campaign ads, for example, showed him firing a scary looking assault weapon while the voice over touted his Marine background and said he “still loves to shoot.”

After the Parkland school shooting, when Democratic leaders were demanding immediate action on gun bans and stoking rage against Republicans, Lamb came out and said that “new gun laws aren’t the answer to preventing more mass shootings like the one at a Florida high school.”

He also came out against a proposed ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

“I believe we have a pretty good law on the books,” Lamb said.

In effect, Lamb sided with Republicans on what should be done, namely to focus on improving the system of background checks and on mental health issues.

As put it, Lamb’s pro-gun stance “is putting the Democratic Party in a tricky position.”

That’s putting it mildly, given the unbelievably hostile way Democrats have described Republican positions on gun control.

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2 comments on “Lamb Campaigned as a Republican – When Will Dems Start Attacking Him

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  2. I think Lamb is going to instantly flip into a bona fide leftie now that he won. Once again, the people will have been duped.

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