Kids are NOT Crammed in Cages – Just Bubbles

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by: Brent Smith

So pictures from the inside of one of the Southern border detention facilities that, let’s just say stockpile unaccompanied illegal alien minors, have somehow been released to the public.

I have yet to see anywhere that permission was granted for the taking of these photographs, so it begs the question – with the total lock down of these detention facilities, how did this happen?

Is Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas) really upset by what he witnessed, and he or someone he authorized snapped these pictures covertly, or did he get “permission” in the form of a wink and a nod from the administration to do so. Maybe they’re looking for more funding to expand facilities to bring even more across.

So far, we just don’t know. But hey, at least they’re not cages, right? Just bubbles, like the kind you see in action movies where the good guys are trying to track down some evil terror cell bent on manufacturing some bio-weapon that will kill half the people on Earth.

from the Blaze:

New photos show ‘terrible conditions’ inside border facility as hundreds of migrant children are packed into small makeshift rooms

New photos inside one of the Biden administration’s surge facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border show the awful conditions under which migrant children are being kept amid the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

The photos, shared with Axios by Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas), were taken inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection temporary surge facility in Donna, Texas, and show hundreds of children packed into tiny, makeshift rooms as they await transfer to longer-term facilities operated by the Department of Health and Humans Services. Conditions inside such facilities have previously been described as “grim,” cage-like, and “akin to jails.”

Due to the rapid influx of migrants and the unpreparedness of the administration, many of the migrant children are being kept in surge facilities for longer than is legally permitted.

The photos provide a rare look inside the facilities, as the Biden administration has to this point blocked access to media organizations and placed an unofficial “gag order” on Border Patrol agents, restricting their ability to share information with journalists.

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