Justice Now Appears to be a One Way Street

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by: Brent Smith

Some days it’s tough to be a conservative. It feels like we’re battling everyone over everything. But when the left owns the Executive and the Legislative branches of the federal government, it seems like we may not return to any kind of sanity any time soon, if ever. And it appears, more often than not, that we’re losing, or have lost, the federal judiciary, in all but a few instances.

We expect the other two branches to act like politicians – they are, after all. But when our courts also become overtly political, where is it we can go anymore for redress of our grievances? This may be a question that will go unanswered and I’m beginning to think it is purely rhetorical.

One by one, the courts are striking down conservative’s constitutionally affirmed First Amendment rights, while granting the same to the left. And thus it is, as Daniel Horowitz discusses the courts complete lack of concern regarding Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter.

from Daniel Horowitz at the Blaze:

 Parler lawsuit: The courts discover free enterprise at the exact wrong moment

One-way street

Imagine if every venue providing wedding services — from rental places and caterers to bakers and florists — were controlled by Christian conservatives. They worked together with all their distributors to ensure that nobody could perform a gay wedding anywhere in the country. Well, that is exactly what is occurring today in reverse on free speech. But there is no constitutional right to a gay marriage, while there is a right to free speech.

Last Thursday, Judge Barbara J. Rothstein of the Western District of Washington denied Parler’s motion to force Amazon to restore Parler’s social media platform on Amazon’s server. Suddenly, the liberal legal community believes in the right of a private company to serve whomever they choose. The double standard is unmistakable.

I’d love to go back to 1789 when private businesses could do whatever they wanted. And indeed, had that been the prevailing law of the land over the past few generations, conservatives would have a lot more power and leverage in the economy and culture than they do today. But that is far from the case. In fact, the legal system has essentially controlled every aspect of what private businesses can do – up to and including the current lockdown policies that downright deny businesses the ability to serve anyone.

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