Just Imagine

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ALERT – Language Warning!
Adam Darski, aka Nergal, of the world renowned death metal band Behemoth was found innocent of charges stemming from a Bible destroying incident on stage at a concert in 2007. Just kidding about the world renowned part, I think (and hope). Anyway, he was charged with offending religious feelings in Warsaw, Poland. Huh? What kind of charge is that? What’s the old saying, the whole sticks & stones thing? That would be like a white man in America being imprisoned for calling a large black woman a water buffalo. How silly. Oh wait… he was. Back at it. The judge ruled that’s Darski’s actions were an “expression of art”.

Now, imagine if you will, that book was not the Bible, but, you guessed it, the Quran. Think you might have heard of this incident before now? You betcha! I don’t know whether the judicial outcome would have been any different. I would hope not, but you know the outrage would be extreme. Death threats against this guy. Worldwide condemnation. The whole nine yards. Because it’s the Bible, nary a mention. I’m just sayin.

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