It’s a Big Nope For Mayor Pete

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from the American Spectator:

Nobody ever really bought into Pete Buttigieg, did they? He wasn’t exactly a plausible presidential candidate, and the first question anybody ought to ask themselves before running for something like president of the United States of America is, “Am I plausible?”

Buttigieg was like the little ant who thought he could move the rubber tree plant in the Frank Sinatra song. But unlike the ant or Sinatra’s ram, who head-butts a hydroelectric dam until it collapses, high hopes don’t often translate into results in American politics — particularly when those hopes run counter to obvious reality. Let’s talk about that as the first item in this week’s edition of Five Quick Things.

1. Pete Buttigieg owes Rush Limbaugh an apology.

Now that Buttigieg, who as the mediocre-at-best mayor of a middling college town of 101,000 running almost solely on his identity as an openly gay man engaging in obnoxious public displays of affection with his husband that was unsellable even to base Democrat voters, has called it quits, it’s time for him and the Twitter mob he stoked up against Rush Limbaugh to admit Rush was right.

As we noted in a previous entry in this space, Buttigieg presented himself as one of the most in-your-face cultural Marxists ever to grace the American political stage — flaunting his homosexuality with conduct that even in a heterosexual context would be considered gauche and inappropriate and then attempting paint critics of that conduct as bigots and homophobes. This came atop Buttigieg’s constant lecturing of traditional Christians that their belief in Biblical prohibitions against homosexuality as a sin was simply a mask for their bigotry, and thus he was actually a better Christian than they.

This was never going to work.

Sure, it might have worked had Buttigieg managed to drag his campaign to New York or California. But even Democrats in more ordinary locales were never going to buy into it. Particularly in the black community, which — let’s face it — has been so badly abused by politicians from the Democrat Party that now isn’t all that good a time to browbeat them about their cultural values. Buttigieg was poison to black voters, making him an impossibility; once the primary race left lily-white Iowa and New Hampshire, he was done.

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