Is This Draining the Swamp?

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So what’s up this? Trump hires Mitch McConnell’s wife?

from the Blaze:

Throughout the final weeks of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump ran on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. But on Tuesday, the president-elect seemed to ditch at least part of his commitment.

Sources with Trump’s transition team revealed Tuesday that he had selected Elaine Chao, wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), to be his transportation secretary.

Chao, who served eight years as labor secretary under President George W. Bush, was the first Asian-American woman to hold a presidential Cabinet position, according to Politico.

Chao also served on Trump’s Asian Pacific American Advisory Council during the campaign.

The Trump transition team is expected to formally announce Chao as the next transportation secretary Tuesday afternoon.

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One comment on “Is This Draining the Swamp?

  1. He’s not going to drain that lovely swamp–at least what WE consider the swamp. He’ll drain a few sections, those that have been problems for him in the past or might in future. But he’s going to divert a lot of it toward his own financial interests and Chao is a perfect fit for that.

    There’s his TRILLION Dollar “stimulus” package and Chao’s hubby will be shoving THAT through the Senate and down everyone’s throats.

    From my perspective, seems it’s still a marketer’s/barker’s con to send lots of bucks to his and his friend’s accounts but he’s likely to at least try–hard?–to keep some of his promises. His HHS pick, for instance, seems an excellent choice to finally uproot and yank out Obamacare.

    In real life, getting through it with any sanity requires you learn early that with the good comes the bad. You will have both by turns and by the end, hopefully there will have been more of the good…than the bad. Same here.

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