Is the Left Wising Up about the Politics of Lockdowns/Shutdowns?

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by: Brent Smith

Well this is astounding. When the leftist media, as demonstrated by the Los Angeles Times, begins complaining about the continued Covid school lockdowns/shutdowns, it may be a sign of the apocalypse, or maybe the coming of the twelve Imam.

Or maybe some on the left are just awakening to the fact that the lockdowns and shutdowns are more are product of politics then of actually science.

Nah! I’ll go with the apocalypse narrative.

from the Blaze:

LA Times editorial board tells city’s superintendent of schools ‘to put on his big-boy pants’ and reopen schools

The district is ‘out of excuses’

To say that parents nationwide are tired of the mixed messages they’re getting from school district leadership, the state governments, and the teachers’ unions would be an understatement.

But parents are easy to ignore. American school districts have been doing it for decades.

From New York to Chicago to Portland, elected leaders are instead cowering to teachers’ unions and refusing to get teachers back in classrooms even as state and federal health officials repeatedly declare that it’s safe to return to in-person instruction.

In Los Angeles, teachers have been fighting going back to work for months now — and the cries of parents and students seemingly have been ignored by the bigwigs of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

However, one group in L.A. that is harder to ignore just jumped into the fray on the side of parents: the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times.

In a Wednesday editorial, the paper declared that the city’s school district “is officially out of excuses for keeping elementary schools closed” and that the superintendent “needs to put on his big-boy pants” and tell educators to get back into the classroom.

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