Is Adam Schiff the Not-So-Bright Democrat Fall Guy?

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from the American Spectator:

Schiff Wrecked

‘Maxwell Smart‘ (YouTube screenshot)

Alot of folks were hoping this impeachment fiasco could be averted, but apparently that Schiff has sailed. Or SCIF, as the case may be. It seems that Adam Schiff was so enamored to discover that the acronym for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) consisted entirely of letters in his name, that he decided to do all the public’s business in those private alcoves. As a big-hearted kind of fellow, he affords his witnesses safe spaces where they can be sheltered from cross-examinations. The stations of the lack-of-cross, if you will.

Actually, doing an impeachment hearing in a SCIF would be a perfect foil for late-night comedians, if there were such a thing anymore. The goofy image hearkens back to Maxwell Smart, the clownish secret agent in the classic TV comedy Get Smart, trying to report secret information to The Chief inside the Cone of Silence, a sound-proof device so effective it prevented the interlocutors from hearing each other, rendering the conversation mute and the matter moot.

But let us not indulge overmuch in SCIF scoffing, especially as it concerns Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, whose every utterance does more to caricaturize him than the sharpest pen a critic might wield. President Trump likes to append to him the adjective of Shifty, while his defenders say he is shiftless. For the purposes of this article, let us conduct a sort of outlandish thought experiment in which we will assign to Schiff good will, good faith, good values, good ethics, even good morals.

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