Is Adam Schiff Really a Lying Dirtbag?

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So Congressman Adam Schiff is a lying dirtbag – so says Glenn Beck.

In some parts of the country, them’s fightin words!

But is Glenn correct, or is he just another angry right wing extremist, jealous of Schiff’s obviously superior legal mind and oratory acumen.

Let’s watch Glenn attempt to make his feeble argument in defense of this outrageous claim:

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2 comments on “Is Adam Schiff Really a Lying Dirtbag?

  1. Well of course they’re “getting it wrong”. The truth wouldn’t work at all so can’t use it. So what to do, what to do? If you’re a D—LIE!

    Pathological liar, “That’s the ticket”, Jon Lovitz

  2. And in the real world: taxpayers go to work everyday to pay for all this wasteful nonsense, too busy and tired to give a crap about the witch hunt.

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