If You Want the Money, You’ll Have to Work for It

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Our government places conditions on all the money and aid they dole out – education, healthcare, State aid, everything. Why not this?

from IBD:

Why Does The Left Oppose Work Requirements For Welfare?

Attacks on President Trump’s push for work requirements to get welfare benefits fall into two categories: Either the work rules are pointless, or they are inhumane. Neither is correct.

For some on the left, the only measure of whether a poverty program is working is the number of people enrolled. They considered ObamaCare a great success, for example, precisely because it added millions of able-bodied adults onto this welfare program. They cheered the sharp rise in food stamp enrollment under President Obama as an economic stimulus.

So it’s no wonder many of them bitterly oppose work requirements of the sort President Trump has been advocating for Medicaid and other assistance programs. If increased dependence on the federal government is your goal, anything that moves in the opposite direction is a bad thing.

In his latest step in the work-for-aid direction, Trump signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to add or strengthen work requirements for “any program that provides means-tested assistance or other assistance that provides benefits to people, households or families that have low incomes.”

Trump’s order comes after his administration encouraged states to look at ways to add work requirements for able-bodied people on Medicaid. It’s also taken steps to tighten eligibility for food stamps and is looking to impose tougher work requirements for welfare recipients.

There’s plenty of interest in this at the state level — particularly when it comes to Medicaid, for which states pick up roughly half the cost.

Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin have applied for work-for-Medicaid waivers, and others are considering it.

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