If the Left Disagrees – It must be Racism

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When I post other writers articles, my normal want is to preface the article with commentary or thoughts to compliment or stress a particular portion of the article. Maybe it’s something I see that I believe some may miss, or may require further explanation.

However, the following Newsweek piece by Matthew RJ Brodsky, former Trump administration adviser, needs no such preface. It’s just that spot-on!

Enjoy the article:

from Newsweek:

When Everything is Racist There’s No Room for Reason

Progressives today demand a profound remaking of the country. In their regressive Orwellian worldview, anti-Americanism is the new patriotism. In their version of American democracy, big tech thought police substitute for the real police now being defunded in communities across America. A free corporate media, presenting multiple sides of an issue and allowing for an open exchange of ideas on opinion pages, has given way to mob- and media-approved narratives and calls to silence and banish all dissent to the outer rim.

One result of these patterns is the Left’s distortion of any discussion about the relationship between the issues of border security, immigration and voter integrity.

“Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party‘s political ambitions,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson observed during his show on Monday, April 12. “In order to win and maintain power, Democrats plan to change the population of the country.”

The crux of Carlson’s argument, backed up by evidence he cited, is that Democrats want open borders, no caps on immigrations and blanket amnesty for illegal aliens, thereby “importing a brand-new electorate” that they count on to vote Democratic. In the process, these policies dilute the vote of American citizens.

Democrats’ own words have made Carlson’s point obvious for some time. The commentator pointed to articles in The New York Times and quoted Democratic politicians, including Julian Castro and then-candidate Kamala Harris, who managed to say the typically quiet part out loud.

There are other clear examples of Democrats demanding policies that benefit them electorally. Last year in the height of the presidential campaign, many Democrats called for D.C. and Puerto Rico to be recognized as states. Apparently, when they dug a little deeper, they discovered that Puerto Rico might be too competitive as a state in elections, unlike D.C. which would be a solid blue state. While the House recently passed legislation for D.C. statehood, Democratic talk of Puerto Rican statehood has all but vanished.

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