If Poll Results don’t Fit – You Must Omit

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from Newsbusters:

Taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR are now in the polling business with Marist College, and like the other networks, their polls are often used to support putting heat on Republicans. On Wednesday, they announced they had found a majority of Americans were disappointed with the president’s responsive to the violence in Charlottesville. PBS then ignored their own finding that 62 percent favored leaving Confederate statues in place, while only 27 percent want them removed. NPR reported it once, and then insisted that had nothing to do with Charlottesville.

Buried in the weeds: They also asked if Americans approve or disapprove of Black Lives Matter: 50 percent disapproved, and only 33 percent approved. They even asked about approval of Antifa, but few had heard of them yet: Five percent approved, 24 percent disapproved, 18 percent said they had no opinion either way, and 53 percent were unsure. But if the results don’t fit….you must omit?

Here’s how the PBS NewsHour presented the poll on Wednesday night:

LISA DESJARDINS: This was a poll done Monday and Tuesday. And so some of this might include the president`s latest reaction. Most of it is including his reactions from Saturday. And here`s what we found. We asked people what they thought about the president`s response; 27 percent felt it was strong enough. But, Hari, a majority of Americans felt, 52 percent, not strong enough.

Now, that did break down across party lines. Republicans felt better about the president`s response than did Democrats and independents, but on another question, there was universal agreement. The question was, should the fatal crash in Charlottesville be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism?

Sixty-seven percent of those polled answered yes. And that was the same across all parties. We saw that resonate. And what`s interesting there, Hari, of course, is that the president has yet to say this should be investigated as domestic terrorism. He talks about Islamic terrorism, but here Americans seem to be raising a phrase that the president is not.

“We saw that resonate” is often network code for “our liberal bias resonated.” It’s fairly obvious that the terrifying vehicular homicide in Charlottesville strongly resembled Islamic automobile attacks in Europe, and many Republicans said so. The Justice Department is investigating on that basis. But when you skip over your own poll when it doesn’t please you, those results never get a chance to “resonate.”

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