How Affordable Will Your Care Be?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

You think health care is expensive now; just wait til it’s free.

ShockingStatements-Part1Welcome to the wonderful world of the “Affordable” Care Act, or Obamacare. It hasn’t even been fully implemented, but the nation is already feeling its positive vibe.

First came the new federal tax on medical devices. Then a shrinkage of Doctor own private practices. And now, more than a year away from full implementation, the largest state in the union claims it won’t have enough doctors.

The makers of medical devices, such as implants, have already been hit with the medical device tax to help pay for Obamacare. Because of the tax one such employer, Signus medical, a Minnesota based maker of spinal implants, has but nine employees left. Those still employed have taken a 40% pay cut and the company owner, Tom Hogbaug, no longer gets paid at adevice taxll. He feels terrible having to let people go saying, “Sorry, I have to lay you off but I have to pay tax to the federal government. I look around and don’t know how to explain it to everybody.”

Minnesota Congressman Eric Paulsen explains, “There have already been thousands of layoffs across the country. That means fewer jobs. It means less innovation.”

As the act gets closer to full implementation sometime in 2014, more and more doctors will simply hang it up and stop practicing medicine. They may sell their practices, convert to fee-for-service, if they are able, or just retire altogether.

Dr. Richard Armdoctors-quittingstrong, a Michigan surgeon and anti-Obamacare advocate says, “every single day, colleagues are talking about retiring early, getting out of clinical medicine or going into hospital administration, where you don’t have to think about patient care anymore.”

Dermatologist, Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser, who practiced medicine for 25 years has already gotten out. The doctor stop practicing in 2011 saying, “I’ve interrupted practicing medicine because of Obamacare. I read the bill… and didn’t want to go down that road with Obamacare.”

Now the L.A. Times is reporting that there will be a severe shortage of doctors in California due to the “Affordable Care Act”. Frankly, if it were just California, I’d say it couldn’t happen to a better state. But alas California is just the harbinger of things to come nationwide.

Michael Mishak of the Los Angeles Times writes, “There aren’t enough doctors to treat the crush of newly insured patients.”

Ed Hernandez, a state senator from West Covina California asks, “What good is it if they are going to have a health insurance card but no access to doctors?”obamacare means rationed care

Mr. Mishak reports that some lawmakers want to fill the gap by redefining who can provide healthcare.

Some California lawmakers are proposing that physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners set up independent primary care practices. Pharmacists and optometrists could also be primary care providers, diagnosing and managing some chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Yes Dr., I’ll take the bifocal lenses, that lovely pair of eyeglasses frames over there, and some insulin. Brilliant!

Doctors claim that this proposal could jeopardize patient safety. Could jeopardize safety?! Ya think?!

California state secretary of HHS told a group of healthcare advocates, “We’re are going to have to provide care at lower levels. I think a lot of people are trained to do work that licenses don’t allow them to do.”

It seems the reality of the nightmare that is Obamacare, that I’m quite certain they all supported, is starting to sink in. So a state like California, where you need a license to be a dog walker or give someone a manicure is proposing that those without proper credentials or licenses just be allowed to open medical practices and treat potentially life-threatening illnesses.

If that’s the case, why don’t we just let the guy at the auto body shop become a Chiropractor? Maybe the Roto-Rooter man can become a proctologist. The local barkeep can set up a psychiatrist practice and my plumber can moonlight as a gastroenterologist. Man, we will be swimming in doctors! This will be great!

My advice… Don’t get sick… Ever!

Attribution: Michelle Malkin, LA Times

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