Hollywood Exposes Its Leftism Again

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from Western Journalism: 

Producer: My Christian Film Got Rated ‘R.’ It Has No Nudity, Sex, Bad Language, Gore, Drugs.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) adds its name to a list of increasingly brazen leftist media powerhouses who discriminate against conservative voices in the public square.

Facebook: Graphic images of a woman smashing and eating a baby do not violate “community standards” but quoting a Bible verse on homosexuality does.

Twitter: Conservative voices and alternative news sources frequently find themselves muzzled while profane rants against them are celebrated.

Google: Discriminatory algorithms ensure that articles praising the Second Amendment, President Trump, traditional marriage, and lashing out against illegal immigration are suppressed while the “fake news media” gets free rein.

It’s called censorship.

And now the MPAA. Kids killing each other in “The Hunger Games” with swords and spears and killer bees? PG-13. A zombie witch in the “Suicide Squad” wearing a lacy bikini gets her heart ripped out in the finale? PG-13. But the faith-based action moving “The Reliant” which has no foul language, no nudity, no torture, no glamorized violence or gore or zombies or orc beheadings or anything near “R” rated violence?

Rated R!

What prompted the “R” rating? The MPAA’s explanation is vague and inconsistent, but most likely, a scene wherein a 12-year-old skillfully uses a handgun to defend his sister from the villain.

If you can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, censorship is how you win. The powerful media monopolies conspire to muzzle the ideals of faith and liberty in the public square because only in a vacuum of truth and light can their insanity survive.

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