Herd Immunity is Coming Fast and those like Fauci aren’t Going to Like it

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by: Brent Smith
Dr. Saint-Fauci is a certifiable nightmare. This guy, who Trump should have sacked in the first weeks, tasted the deliciousness of his “15 minutes of fame.” And since, he has refused to give it up. And like his political oligarch counterparts, he says and does anything to remain relevant, regardless of the cost to businesses and the toll his nonsense has taken on real people. Don’t be surprised if this media whore runs for political office when this is all said and done. And why not – he’s from New York. He would fit right in.

from TownHall:

Sorry, Fauci, Johns Hopkins Doctor Declares We’re Close to COVID Herd Immunity

Sorry, Fauci, Johns Hopkins Doctor Declares We're Close to COVID Herd Immunity

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Oh, they hate him. They’ll hate him even more now. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins has been one of the lone medical professionals trying to bring reason and logic to the COVID pandemic. He lobbed a grenade into the tent by declaring that we’ll have herd immunity by April. In fact, he said by the end of April, COVID won’t really be a big deal. this was heavily disputed by folks far less qualified, but the panic peddlers had to combat this somehow. It goes against their entire narrative of us living under the authoritarian yoke of the lab coats—who know nothing.What Makary knows is that with the data we have now, “About 1 in 600 Americans has died of Covid-19, which translates to a population fatality rate of about 0.15%. The Covid-19 infection fatality rate is about 0.23%.” By that count, he estimates that two-thirds of the country already had the virus; the survival rate is 90+ percent by the way. With natural immunity, plus vaccinations soaring past 100 million by now, his estimate of herd immunity isn’t nuts. He said his colleagues didn’t necessarily think his projection was off but didn’t want to say anything to avoid impacting the vaccination rate. That’s precisely wrong. Medical professionals should proclaim good medical progress, especially during a pandemic. This prediction was made in late February when COVID cases had dropped 77 percent. Texas nixed its mask mandate. Three weeks later, cases are still dropping.

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