Has the Time Come for China to Take Taiwan?

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by: Brent Smith

It’s well established that all communist regimes are liars, and one of the most dishonest is the Communist Chinese Government. But they are also bullies. And we know bullies tend to only pick on who they perceive to be weak.

It’s why they did little more than saber-rattling during the Trump presidency. They knew Trump was no withering violet and he would have little tolerance if the Chi-coms pushed too hard.

They have been threatening to establish Taiwan as being part of China, just as they did with Hong Kong. And they have been patiently biding their time just waiting for the opportunity to claim what they say is rightfully theirs.

Now they have what they’ve been waiting for – Joe Biden – a withering violet as president and commander-in-chief.

Chris Smith at Sky News discusses just what this may mean for America and for their region.

from Sky News Australia:

‘This has all the hallmarks of the world’s next major military drama’

There is something unfolding which has “all the hallmarks of the world’s next major military drama,” says Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Well what a week it’s been for this standoff between China and Taiwan, which we cannot ignore, and neither can the United States,” Mr Smith said.

“From the week Joe Biden was inaugurated, Beijing has ratcheted up their claim to territory in the South China Sea, and of course Taiwan, beyond what we’ve ever seen since they split”.

“It is a clear challenge to the US.

“And if the United States does do something about it, we will be part of that conflict.”

“With the Biden administration stating recently, that their commitment to Taiwan was rock solid, this has all the hallmarks of the world’s next major military drama … and that’s way too close to us, for comfort,” Mr Smith said.

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