Groundswell for Gun Confiscation Starts Here

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from The Blaze:

‘I now actually do want to take your guns. All of your guns. Right now,’ magazine editor declares

Esquire’s editor-at-large penned a letter of sorts to the National Rifle Association and blasted the organization in the wake of the Santa Fe High School massacre in Texas.

In his Friday piece for the magazine, Dave Holmes accused the NRA of having “bought our government” and convincing its “members that the occasional school shooting, the odd literal slaughter of innocents, is an unfortunate but inevitable quirk of American life, a thing that is necessary to preserve freedom.”

His main point?

But Holmes’ thesis was summed up in the following three lines:

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I now actually do want to take your guns.

All of your guns.

Right now.

‘It wasn’t always this way’

“It wasn’t always this way,” he added in the magazine piece. “I have responsible gun owners in my family. I’ve never been a fan of shooting at things myself, but guns sure do seem to have brought joy into the lives of some people I love, and as long as they were stored properly, I never had a problem with them being around. I believed that we should place a hurdle or two between a psychopath and an AR-15, but that’s about as ardent as I got. Live and let live, that was my policy. Even with death machines.”

He continued, “That has all changed. And you changed it.”

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2 comments on “Groundswell for Gun Confiscation Starts Here

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  2. Progressive democratic socialists never stop. They never did intend to “let us” keep our guns. They just couldn’t figure out how to take them. yet. Still haven’t but they’re seeing how the intentional dumbing down via indoctrination in schools and propagandizing via media has moved the needle toward people [mostly “millennials” and their friends] to join with the socialists on the left toward believing the only reason it has never worked is because the wrong people were trying to do it.

    This is what we’re up against and the 2nd isn’t the only amendment or even part of the constitution they intend to shred.

    I realize that too many Rs aren’t noticeably better than Ds on too many things but they do tend to move us a bit more slowly toward totalitarianism than the fullblown socialists of the dem party of today.

    So come Nov…VOTE R…even if the R is sucky, he/she is still better [or at least possibly better] than whatever D is running.

    The last dem majority forced Obamacare on us along with all the corruption we’re only now digging out and exposing. The NEXT dem majority will do far worse.

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