Greedy Ruling Class is First to be Vaccinated

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by: Brent Smith

Stu Burguiere of the Blaze once said that the left will never put the people before their agenda and their own selfish ambitions.

He couldn’t have been more correct. And we are seeing a couple of recent examples of this heinous trait of the left.

One is of course the stimulus bill, or lack thereof, that president Trump has sent back to them to fix. And the second, which is the subject of this article, is the parsing out of the COVID vaccine.

There are around 50 million Americans over the age of 65. Even less of 70 plus, which is apparently considered elderly.

In the first week, well over a half a million doses of the COVID vaccine were dispensed, not to the people the left feigns to care about. No, instead the first doses were dispensed as they should be – to the ruling class – to elected government officials, and to mostly young, health “essential” workers. You know – the younger people who should be last on the list – the ones who have practically zero chance of contracting and dying from the virus.

This should tell us a lot about who is in charge. Oh, they claim every election season to be looking out for the little guy, but when the rubber hits the road – when desperate times, or even faux-desperate times arise, our ruling class will toss those who really need help right out of the life boat to save themselves.

The old and infirmed – the ones at greatest risk of death, should have been first on the list. But in true collectivist and fascist fashion, they aren’t and were never going to be.

Ruling class political elites provide lip service, pretending to care about our senior citizens, but their actions show exactly the opposite. Grandma’s dying at the nursing home while AOC gets her COVID vaccine.

But, as I’ve said many times, there’s nothing new under the Sun. And this arrogant attitude regarding the sick, elderly and we’ll say less productive is no exception.

I believe it was the early 1930’s when George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, eugenicist, dirtbag and one could argue (me) that he’s kind of the father of the Complete Lives System, described Ezekiel Emanuel’s vision of future healthcare. Anyone outside the ages of 15 and 40 will have to “justify their existence.”

How is what Shaw described any different from leftists’ attitudes and their proposed policy today? How is much different from Obama saying that rather than a life-saving procedure for the elderly, they should just take painkillers?

Someone, or group of someones decided who would receive the first doses and who would go without. How is that any different from the Death Panels that Sarah Palin was roundly mocked over?

Answer: It’s not, because there is nothing new – no new ideas. It’s just the latest democrat ruling class version of Shaw’s theory.