Great Idea – Let’s Compromise with Leftists

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by Brent Smith:

Here we go again. Will the Republicans ever learn? I guess that’s a rhetorical question we should all know the answer to.

The answer is no. Because they’re only goal in public office is self-preservation, they will continue to make the same mistake, which is to attempt to compromise with the left.

Of course we conservatives know this won’t work. The left has no interest or incentive to strike a bargain with the spineless Republicans. And we with some sense on the right understand the pitfalls of compromise with radicals. You can’t give an inch, for they will take that mile, and more. This may sound too rigid, but it’s not.

The left is constantly probing for any advantage they can get in their effort to destroy us. This is what the compromise wing of the GOP has never understood. They still think that they can “negotiate” with the left. You can’t, because that’s exactly what they’re looking for. It’s a strategy to push the right to compromise. And every time the GOP does, the left will push them further, expecting more compromise, and getting it.

Bottom line is that the Republicans simply cannot compromise with the left – don’t give an inch from the start. Sadly though, the leadership doesn’t seem to comprehend this axiom – for one would have to have courage and actual conviction to do so. And the Republican leadership has neither.

If it’s anyone, or group of anyones, that need to be purged from the party, it’s not the single supposed QAnon outlier Greene, but the many deep state phony conservatives like McCarthy and his ilk.

from the Right Scoop:

Kevin McCarthy offers to dump Marjorie Taylor Greene from committee in compromise with Democrats

According to a new Politico report out this morning, Kevin McCarthy is offering to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from a single committee in hopes that this compromise will stop Democrats from voting to remove her from all of them:

INSIDE MCCARTHY’S TENTATIVE PLAN TO DEAL WITH GREENE: During a two-hour meeting Tuesday night with Greene, McCarthy explained to the QAnon supporter that her controversial past statements were coming to a head. The problem, McCarthy told her: Democrats are threatening to force a vote to remove her from her committees — and that puts the entire GOP Conference in a bad spot. McCarthy tried to give Greene options, according to a person familiar with their talk: She could denounce QAnon and apologize publicly for espousing hurtful conspiracy theories and endorsing violence on Democrats. She could remove herself from the panel to spare her colleagues a vote on the matter. Or, she could face removal from her own GOP peers.

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