Gorsuch has a Chance to Redeem Himself

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After disappointingly siding with four liberal justices on immigration and deportation, Gorsuch appears to be leaning toward allowing Trump’s travel restrictions.

from One News Now:

Report: Gorsuch, others ‘leaning’ toward Trump’s travel restrictions

Gorsuch taking oathSo how did Justice Neil Gorsuch – the newest face on the Supreme Court – do in Wednesday’s arguments over President Trump’s “travel ban”? OneNewsNow sought answers to that question.

“Neil Gorsuch asked some very pointed questions of [lead Hawaii attorney and former acting solicitor general of the United States] Neal Katyal,” says John Malcolm of The Heritage Foundation. Malcolm was present in the courtroom for Wednesday’s proceedings.

“… Gorsuch clearly appeared to be leaning in the government’s camp,” he continues. “You could tell that already from the fact that he had previously said that he would have allowed the president’s proclamation to go into effect and would have set aside the entire injunction that had been entered by the lower court.”

Malcolm adds that Gorsuch was the only justice who asked any question about the propriety of lower-court judges entering nationwide injunctions.

“He said, ‘What do we do with this, where one district court judge could decide national policy for the entire country?’ – and Neal Katyal responded, ‘Look, this is an issue that’s percolating in the lower courts with a lot of different cases, this is a very poor vehicle for this Court to weigh in on that issue, particularly given the need for uniform rules on immigration policy; and that the Court should sort of ignore that issue for purposes of this case’ – but he [Gorsuch] and Justice Samuel Alito seemed to be clearly in the government’s camp.”

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