Google’s Call-Out Culture Hearkens back To Mao’s Cultural Revolution

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from the American Spectator:

Google Bigots and the High-Tech Lynching of Kay James

Friday, at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Kay Cole James, the president of the Heritage Foundation, steps to the podium of the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in suburban Harrisburg and gives the startling update.

Ms. James, at a laughing, self-admitted 70 and famously one of the best known, longtime conservative leaders in the country, announces to the PLC crowd (the PLC is the Pennsylvania version of CPAC and was celebrating its 30th anniversary) that this was her first public comment since she had learned only hours earlier that she had been removed as a recent appointee to Google’s Advanced Technology External Advisory Council. The board, on which she would have served without salary, was designed to review artificial intelligence ethics.

Among other things the outrage mob of over 2000 Google employees accused Kay James of being a “white supremacist.” Kay is an African-American. With a gay son. But Google quickly caved to the mob, dismissing Kay and then dissolving the board entirely.

And right there was the problem. The American Left’s culture of racism — the Democratic Party, recall, is the party with the long and documented historic record that has moved from supporting slavery to supporting segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, lynching, and now the latest incarnation from the judge-by-skin color crowd: identity politics.

The lynch mob at Google, burning torches figuratively in hand, descended on James because, don’t you know, she had the audacity to step off the left-wing plantation that demands an iron-fisted political control over African-Americans. If you are black and have the audacity to think for yourself, well, God help you. Famously, another prominent black American, the conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, himself targeted by the leftist torch burners of the day, put it this way in his Senate hearing:

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