Giuliani Friendlier to the Jews than an Actual Jew

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I’m beginning to wonder whether Rudy may actually be hated by the left more than his boss, president Trump.

from the American Spectator:

On Rudy Giuliani Being More Jewish Than the Despicable Apostate George Soros

In New York City, where Bill de Blasio has nothing else to worry about, the controversy is now into its second day over comments that Rudy Giuliani made the other day in an interview with New York magazine, in which Giuliani said that George Soros is hardly a Jew and that Rudy is more a Jew than Soros.

The Obama Jews who took over control of the Obama-lite Anti-Defamation League at the end of the Obama Wasted Decade criticized Giuliani’s remarks. Now headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, the former Obama official who turned the ADL into an Obama-lite operation, the ADL increasingly is but one more shill of the Democrat party. Large segments of the American Jewish community no longer regard it as an honest broker and turn elsewhere when anti-Semitism arises.

Mayor de Blasio next joined in the chorus, also calling Giuliani anti-Semitic for Giuliani properly criticizing the way that George Soros throws around his money to promote evil Leftist programs. The irony of de Blasio joining that chorus is that, under his tenure as mayor, New York City has seen a shocking increase in anti-Semitic violence in the streets, with videos of attacks on Brooklyn men in Hasidic garb going internationally viral.

De Blasio, like most American leftists, refuses to see attacks on Jews as “anti-Semitic” unless they are perpetrated by haters on the right. Pictures don’t lie, and the Jew-hating attackers caught on video repeatedly fail to meet the basic definition of “White nationalists.”

So de Blasio repeatedly characterizes them as street violence, rather than as anti-Semitic attacks. In this, one is reminded of Obama calling acts of Islamic terrorism “workplace violence.” But now de Blasio finally has found someone to label as “anti-Semitic,” a predecessor New York Mayor Giuliani, whose administration could not have been warmer to the Jewish community.

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