Getting The “Lead” Out

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by: the Common Constitutionalist 

It seems virtually every federal government agency, at least under this president, is a rogue agency.


That’s not quite accurate. You see, when one hears the word rogue, it conjures up thoughts of abandoning one’s directive. “Oh him – he went rogue. We can no longer control him”. That type of thing.


So that’s not really accurate, for it appears that this administration’s prime directive is to allow these agencies to go rogue, from our point of view. Just look at the evidence of department after departments’ involvement in one scandal after another.


Yet there is one agency that is head and shoulders above all in the “rogue” department. The EPA. This is the agency that, if left unchecked, can literally mean the end of our country.


Not that the IRS, or Homeland Security, or other federal departments aren’t also dangerous; they are. But none more than the EPA. It’s not even close.


What other single entity is capable of shutting down entire industries. They are in charge of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land on which we walk. That’s pretty much everything.


The latest industry to be quite literally driven into extinction by the EPA is the lead refining industry. The last lead refiner in America will close its doors forever on December 31, 2013. All do to stricter and stricter “regulation”. And gee, what is lead used in… why bullets of course. And is this the administrations way around legislation to disarm the people? Yeah it is! And without bullets, are guns pretty much useless? Yeah they are! Get it!


See, that’s what the EPA does. It tells industries that they are welcome to stay in business if they just adhere to these new standards. These standards are for our own good, you know.


“What do you mean adherence will bankrupt your company? What do you mean the new standards are ridiculous, unnecessary and can’t be met? Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to close down.” And that’s how it works, every time. And the consequences to this country will continue to mount as more and more industries are driven into extinction or at least out of the country.


Now, if the EPA were really concerned with curbing pollution in the air and water, shouldn’t it take a more worldly view? After all, we do share the air and water with the rest of the earth. It’s not just ours. And isn’t that the left’s mantra, to “save the planet”, not just save our country?


And knowing this, why wouldn’t EPA prefer to keep industries in this country where they can be reasonably regulated, rather than driving them to China or some third world hole with little to no air or water quality standards?


Well silly, that’s not the EPA’s job. The EPA is an agency full of looney environmentalist wackos and Communists whose mission is to rid us of the evil capitalist free market system. It’s that simple.


America’s industries are cleaner than they’ve ever been and certainly cleaner than the rest of the world, yet still, that’s not good enough. And why? Because they still exist in this country.


The leftists at the EPA won’t be satisfied until all the “dirty” industries have been driven out and replaced with windmills and unicorns.


Only then can they rest.

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

24 comments on “Getting The “Lead” Out

  1. Hi! Looks like we will have to go rogue. We are sick of this crap at every turn. Time for a messy, bloody revolution. Is that what they want? We had one of those before. It had to do with slaves and racial problems. This one will have to do with slavery too – the government thinking they are the rich slave owners and we are here to serve them! Time to turn the tables! They are here to serve us!!!!!!!! It is the law of the land. It is our legal right and they are afraid we will use it. We will bear arms to put them under control where they belong. Small gov’t. like the founders intended… They are so afraid we will rise up and use our right – – no – – our DUTY to preserve this country, that they will try anything to enslave us. We are done messing around. In 2014, we will vote in great people and in 2016 we will vote in someone who loves this great nation of citizens! THIS admin is not by the people, of the people and for the people. It is about gangsters and a hostile takeover!! They are taking steps too far and we want them to be fired! God Bless America as it is a Christian nation and a majority of patriots live here!

    • I take old lead tire weights to melt down and mold my own bullets and fishing weights.The EPA can run in circles but cannot stop people that are determined to win against a very corrupt government agency. May not be Seira boat tails but thy work just fine.The people of the USA doers not whinners.Lets get started.I reload my on shells also.Times a wasting.

    • Lead free or minimal lead ammunition already exists. Most Russian rounds are steel core and steel case. Take a magnet to a 7.62x54R cartridge (used in the Mosin Nagant rifle) and every part of it is magnetic. Now, the gun grabbers will complain that the rounds can penetrate armor; so, that will be their next thing unless the UN ATT stops the imports.

  2. What about all of the other things besides bullets that use lead? wheel weights are lead and batteries use lead. There a hundreds of other things that contain lead. There is nothing that the Obama administration will stop at to get Americas guns or make them useless.

    • It’s not a mine, it’s Doe Metals and they were the last refiner to be able to separate lead from the mineral galena (PbS) left in America. lead has many uses besides bullets and batteries. It’s used in the shields they place over you when you get X-rays so you don’t get cancer from repeated doses. Lead is used to line the floors of plants that make rocket propellants to prevent static electricity buildup so the whole block doesn’t get leveled in an accidental explosion. We used to have good exterior house paints that held up better than the crap available today until the government made them take the lead out of the paints. Don’t you get tired of constantly painting your house every other summer?

  3. this accomplished by regulation what Congress refused to do by legislation. Clearly unconstitutional. Congress has the opportunity 2 rule against this regulation, however I am informed that only one regulation has ever been defeated by congressional intervention.

  4. Let’s not even talk about solder requirements in building circuit boards, soldering copper pipes for water and AC systems.

  5. Obama wants to take control of EVERYTHING in America. He hates America and so does his wife. They think they are the Emperor and Empress of the USA! Why people could not understand him when he said he would “fundamentally change America” is beyond me. He is laughing at all of us as he pulls one lousy stunt after another. He laughs as he lies and then spins the lies. Couldn’t people see where he wantes to take America? We need to keep prodding all our representatives and toss out anyone who even slightly leans towards his socialist and communist ideas!!! He MUST NOT be allowed to drag such a great country down. We cannot let him infiltrate our way of life. Just look at how he behaves. He is not American at heart. Why are people so blind. Oh I forgot…free stuff! Just keep the music loud, cell phones turned on and junk food in everyone’s belly and they will vote for him and his kind. Makes me sick to my stomach that one of my hard earned pennies goes to support the likes of the “gimme, gimme” crowd that this man created. OB is a dangerous man. We all need to pray to God to save us and our country.

    • Balack Insane Ovomit is a Muslim, Marxist, meat-head communist, whose wife is a broad-assed, butt ugly bitch who looks like an ape with a dress on. Those are their good points. I would tell how I really feel, but it would not be nice.

  6. The EPA is required by law to do cost studies prior to taking any actions at all–but guess who enforces the law. The Congress is charged with oversight authority but when the EPA (along with other federal agencies) refuses to provide information and the Senate will not object it tells us three things are immediately necessary: 1) Cut off all funding for all such agencies and block all transfers of funding to keep anyone at work in them; 2) Impeach all officers of the Executive branch who are complicit in these abuses of power, and; 3) Remove all Senators who share the President’s views of government power and autihority.

  7. I’ve been telling people this has been in the plot for YEARS! They think I’m nuts or crazy and ask what will we do without lead acid batteries? EPA gives a damn or nothing except total power over us sheep! It’s time to roll out the guillotines and start lopping off heads! The government has gotten totally out of control.

  8. Obama and the Democrats bankrupt the coal companies, then the insurance companies (Obamacare), then the lead companies, and, in the meantime, they bankrupt the U.S. with their runaway spending. This is what happens when we have a morally bankrupt government.

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